Dewey Tull Lawson
A.B. in Physics, Harvard University, 1966
Ph.D. in Physics, Duke University, 1972
Postdoctoral Fellow in Physics, Cornell University, 1972-1974

Adjunct Professor of Physics
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Duke University

Has taught Physics 36 / Music 36, "Acoustics and Music,"
at Duke University since 1977, and supervised approximately 1000 term papers,
independent studies, and senior theses in acoustics.

Has served as acoustical consultant on nearly 200 projects, involving
performance spaces, classrooms, noise abatement and control, acoustical privacy,
musical instrument design, and electronic sound synthesis and reinforcement.
Clients have included architects, public and private schools and universities,
medical facilities, governmental organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals.

From 1980 - 2007 with Research Triangle Institute
as Senior Scientist, Assistant Director,
and Director of the Center for Auditory Prosthesis Research

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Otolaryngology, 1992-2009
Department of Surgery, Duke University Medical Center